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When planning travel to a remote and challenging destination, many factors need to be considered. Our extra attention to detail and seamless operations on the ground ensure that you will have a memorable tour experience. All our tours in Bhutan are accompanied by an experienced local leader who is highly trained and knowledge able that they can share a passion for the region in which they work, and a desire to share it with you. Most importantly, our adventures have always sought to benefit the local peoples we interact with, safeguard the ecosystems we explore and contribute to the sustainability of travel in the regions we experience.

The owner and main guide of Why Not Bhutan Tours and Treks, Lhap Tshering along with his wife Sonam Deki, have been in the hospitality and tourism industry for close to 20 years providing top notch services to tourist from across the globe.  In 2005 they launched Why Not Bhutan Tours and Treks and have served hundreds of travelers ranging from Cultural and Festival Tours, Mountain Trekking as well as Home, Heritage and Farm House Stays to name a few.  Lhap is certified and has experience in the famed “Snow Man Trek” known as one of the most difficult treks of the world.  Their decades of experience along with the very positive feedback from guests assures you will have the very best adventure possible with Why Not Bhutan.

Not sure what you want to experience? No problem! They would love to work with you to customize your trip. The guides are steeped in the history and knowledge of all of the places you visit and will be able to tell you all about the lore and significance of each stop.

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About Bhutan

Bhutan, a small country in the Himalaya, also known locally as DRUKYUL (Land of Thunder Dragon), is situated between Tibet Autonomous Region of China and India. It is gifted with breathtaking natural beauty, surrounded by sacred mountains, virgin peaks and holy lakes. Its beautiful valleys and lush forests are packed with Flora and wildlife.

The history of Bhutan dates back well into the sixth century although there is little-written documentation as fire, floods and other disasters destroyed important repositories. Ancient temples and other edifices validate what has been passed down orally. Until the 17th century, Bhutanese history is replete with visits of important saints and the propagation of Buddhism. In 1616, a revered saint, Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, arrived from Tibet and unified the nation under the Drukpa Kagyud sect of Buddhism.

Bhutan has one of the richest eco-systems in the world, ranging from the alpine to the sub-tropical with the highest species density. The rich flora and fauna have resulted in the nation being listed as one of 10 global hot spots for environmental conservation. The environment is still intact with more than 78 percent of the total land cover under lush forests.

The culture and tradition of the nation have been preserved as zealously. Religion influences every aspect of the Bhutanese life and the people continue traditions that existed centuries ago. While deeply religious, the people are fun loving and easy going. They are hospitable by nature and love to entertain friends and guests.